Worldwide shipping

A few words about worldwide shipping and payment:

We can send any product to you, but we can not accept payment, since our equoring agreement does not provide for international transfers.

We can carry out the transaction through ebay, then it will be possible to pay it through paypal.

Do you have an ebay account or are you ready to create one?

Write to us or fill out the form below, we will create a lot on ebay with the ability to «buy now» and send you a link to this lot.

We ship our products worldwide. So, if you’re living in Canada, USA, France or Australia — it’s not a problem for us. All parcels shipping by RussianPost company. After shipping out we’ll send you postal tracking number, by which you’ll can track your parcel. We process orders within 2 business days. Shipping usually takes about 15-25 days.

The cost of delivery is calculated individually, as the rule it is 6-8 USD.

Hope you’ll enjoy our products and services!

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